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Aplomb Gray Pendant Lighting

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Aplomb is a small hanging lamp that provides direct and precise illumination to a surface underneath. The concrete look is part of the expressive language of modern architecture, and with Aplomb Foscarini uses this material with a completely original spirit and technology. The lamp displays a light touch with extreme elegance and formal simplicity; This softens the solid solidity of the polished and still raw material. The small size of the lamp allows it to be used alone (for example, on a coffee table), in a line to illuminate a surface or as a composition at different heights. The GU10 version is available in six different colors. The color selection, made with pigments added directly to the concrete mix, reveals the personality of the lamp in different ways: natural gray highlights its material, brown adds warmth, and white emphasizes its elegance. Brick red, sandy yellow and olive green are the colors that join the tones in the catalogue.


Diameter: 170 mm
Cable Length: 3100
Height: 360mm

Product Code: FN195007L-3_25
Color: Gray
Installation: Floor
Material: Concrete and Aluminum

LED Reinforcement

Place of Production: Italy
Official Distributor: Sihir Mobilya


Disconnect the lamp from the power source and clean the product with a soft damp cloth soaked in soap or neutral liquid detergent, preferably diluted with water. Strictly avoid using ethyl alcohol or detergents that contain even small amounts of acetone, trichlorethylene and ammonia (common solvents). Make sure the power supply is unplugged during installation and whenever you work on the lamp.

BRAND: Foscarini

Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps. No matter day or night, open or closed, it has seductive, surprising and inspiring designs. Foscarini lights are designed as design objects that transform spaces; It brings beauty and stimulates emotions. Foscarini designs free of any production restrictions, which promotes freedom of thought. The company's 35 years of collaboration with international designers and expertise in lighting results in a long list of design icons integrated into homes and collective spaces around the world. The only thing that has remained constant throughout our history is our meticulousness and passion for every project.


Lucidi, Pevere

After completing their initial training in the Milan design scene, Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere established their own studio in Udine. They are constantly challenged to create new product types and seek unprecedented materials and technologies. The synergy with Foscarini research led to the birth of the Aplomb lamp collection. This collection consists of shapes made with a special cement paste, providing a balance between architecture and design. Also, Bahia is a sophisticated graphic sign and a bright play of light and shadows; Lacquer, on the other hand, is a colorful spotlight with an organic and asymmetrical shape.

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