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Auto-Reverse Sofa

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The Auto-Reverse sofa evokes one of the most primitive yet powerful emotions: joy. It is an innovative concept designed by Giuseppe Viganò: transforming fashion into a furniture product. In fact, Auto-Reverse is more than just an elegant piece of furniture, as it allows you to play with shape and style, personalizing the spaces we live in. Inspired by the concepts of connection and functionality, this sofa expertly interprets them. The cushions are made with a zipper on each side that allows you to play with different material combinations. Infinite possible combinations play with the senses, providing discreet elegance.


Material: Genuine Leather
Usage Area: Indoor
Place of Manufacture: Italy
Official Distributor: Sihir Furniture


Clean the product preferably with a soft damp cloth dipped in soap or neutral liquid detergents diluted with water. Strictly avoid using ethyl alcohol or detergents containing even small amounts of acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).

BRAND: Arketipo Firenze

A great start to achieving ambitious goals. Thanks to the grandeur of its history, Florence is universally recognized as an emblem of art and culture. And his "spirit" continues to tremble in all of our creations: to this we owe so much of our success! We are moving forward with decisive steps in the new millennium, which is strengthened by our historical and artistic heritage. Through constant research, dedication, patience and new media tools, we announce Made in Italy to every corner of the planet, in an era characterized by the extreme speed of communication of likes and shares.


Manzoni & Tapinassi

Maurizio Manzoni was born in Nuoro in 1967 and graduated in Architecture in Florence. He started his professional development under the guidance of designer Roberto Tapinassi and has worked with leading companies in the field of Industrial Design. He is also interested in interior design, graphics and nautical planning. He teaches design, relief and fabric diagnostics at the University of Florence. He lives in Florence and works in a studio with Roberto Tapinassi.

"Good design is a very good Italian trait."


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