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Apostrophe Matte Chrome Orange Peeler


Made in Italy: Designer ~ Gabriele Chiave

Especially the selection of small household items made with a refined metalworking process, and the orange peeler that emerged as a result of an ironic and detailed investigation of functional objects that play a minor role in household items.



Material: Matte Stainless Steel
Color: Matte Gray
Size: Length: 6 cm x Diameter: 2.5 cm
Usage Area: Indoor
Weight: 0.088 Kg
Place of Manufacture: Italy
Official Distributor: Sihir Furniture


Clean the product with a soft damp cloth, preferably dipped in soap or neutral liquid detergents diluted with water. Strictly avoid using ethyl alcohol or detergents containing even small amounts of acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).

BRAND: Alessi

"True design work must move people, convey emotion, bring back memories, surprise, and defy consensus."
Alberto Alessi


Gabriele Chiave

Born in Metz in 1978 to a family of diplomats, Gabriele Chiave knows no boundaries. He lived in many cities and countries. These various onboard experiences have enabled him to bring a uniquely global perspective to his design. He spent a lot of time in the Marc Sadler studio and worked with prestigious Italian brands such as Alessi. Currently the creative director at Marcel Wanders, this art enthusiast and jazz lover is the artistic director of a number of premium brands, with all of his projects in product and interior design. He drives everyone to join the expression of beauty and technical simplicity, passionately to expand the human experience.

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