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Yaz Aylarında Kanepeye Zarar Vermekten Nasıl Kaçınılır? Tuz ve Kuma Karşı İpuçları

How To Avoid Damage To The Sofa In The Summer? Tips Against Salt and Sand

In the summer, the sofa is a great companion for taking a nap and avoiding the heat of bedrooms, but the sand and salt that inevitably finds its way into the home after days at the beach risks ruining our favorite piece of furniture. How can I avoid this problem?

Protecting the Sofa from Salt and Sand in the Summer: Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance.

You had a very pleasant day at the beach. But as at the end of all days at the beach, you came home tired. At that point, maybe you sit absent-mindedly on the sofa for two minutes before taking a shower, or your kids throw themselves on the couch, or even drop the beach bag on your favorite furniture without worry. . A reasonable doubt arises at this point: Is there no risk of damaging the sofa with sand and salt? It's a hazard especially if you live by the sea or have a second home by the sea where it's easier for the sofa to come into contact with sand and salt frequently. But there is a solution for everything: From choosing upholstery type to cleaning and maintenance, you just need to know a few little tips to have a sofa like new even after a long summer season!

How To Choose A Sofa To Avoid The Problems With Sand And Salt.

If you are in the process of choosing a new sofa for your beach house (or simply want one that can withstand the effects of summer days at the pool or beach), the best solution is to choose microfiber fabric or choose sturdy textured protecta leather. This is because protecta leather is durable and porous, less risk of being scratched by sand. Microfiber fabric, on the other hand, is usually the optimal solution as it is resistant. In terms of colors, it may be a good choice to prefer dark tones, especially brown or earth tones.

How To Clean A Sofa In Contact With Sand And Salt.

In the case of fabric and leather seats, daily or frequent vacuuming is recommended to remove sand and salt. For leather sofas, you will need to use a soft, dry cloth to remove grit and dust particles to prevent scratches. If you are using a velvet sofa, avoid rubbing vigorously.

How to Avoid Sand and Salt Problems: Use Seat Covers.

In addition to careful cleaning of the sofa, with a few little tricks you can help your sofa survive the summer without damage. You can avoid all these problems by using a sofa cover.

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