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Camın Esrarengiz Formunu Sihir Showroomun'da Keşfet

Discover the Mysterious Form of Glass in the Magic Showroom

Crystal glass and fusion glass exhibition opened in Turkey by Fiam and Sihir with a joint agreement.

Official Türkiye Distributorship - Special Area Photos for the Opening

The cigar style has a basic spirit. It represents the essence of glass as everyone knows it. Transparent and crystalline, it receives reflections that form rational geometries.

A daring combination of boundless imagination and immense technological prowess, Fiam Italia, founded in 1973, is a global icon for its innovative use of glass to create sculptures that are as functional as they are beautiful.

ECHO Showcase - CARRARA Sofa and CAADRE Mirror

Fiam Italia's Echo Showcase adds gorgeous, sculptural style to a modern home. The sophisticated design features a textured, diamond-stamped glass structure for a bold, geometric touch. The eye-catching and multi-dimensional glass is surrounded by a solid metal frame, creating a stylish stance that makes the cabinet stand out. Made in Italy to ensure quality, the Echo Showcase is available in two sizes to meet individual needs.

Fixed Carrara Sofa with internal structure in multi-layered wood. It has memory foam cushion filling. Back cushion filling made of goose and duck feathers offers high comfort during the session. The design idea for the sofa came to mind after a visit to the marble quarries in Carrara.

The Caadre Mirror is a striking crystal glass mirror designed for Fiam Italia by legendary French designer Philippe Starck. The Caadre Mirror is a powerful decorative element with incredible presence and a wide range of sizes.

CORAL BEACH Coffee Table and PHANTOM Mirror

Get away from static with the Coral Beach Coffee Table from Fiam Italia. The fusion glass top features raised detailed dot detailing for an eye-catching look and intriguing feel. Its shape consisting of hexagonal geometry adds an extra touch of unique style to living spaces with its layered personality. It brings everything together in the areas and unifies it in its centre. It can be used as a nice accent next to a sofa or chair, or create a great resting place for decor and drinks. Designed by Mac Stopa for Fiam Italia and manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail.

Phantom Mirror is a special furniture item with a daring and extremely catchy design that blurs the lines between form and function. Unique textured accents not only make a bold statement but also captivate everyone who sees it. State of the art glass has been used to ensure quality and the cutting edge design makes this perfect in a contemporary style space.

CRISTALINE Dining Table and OSCAR Chair

The Cristaline Dining Table by Fiam Italia is a one-of-a-kind marvel in glasswork. The final defining feature of this table is the intricate fused glass flower details that cover the entire top. The philosophy behind this design is as follows: Designer Marcel Wanders and his creative team realized that tables are the place to put a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but inevitably these flowers will die. The embossed pattern flowers on this table can stay forever, bringing freshness and peace all year round. The equally beautiful East Asian-inspired structure underneath provides added style, reliable support and is easily visible thanks to the clear nature of the glass. Designed by Marcel Wanders for Fiam Italia and manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail.

Thanks to a pleasant balance of style and functionality, an extraordinary piece of modern furniture has been created: the Oscar Dining Chair from Fiam Italia. Fiam Italia is a world famous brand that produces beautiful glass furniture but in this chair they prove their total ability to create more than that; designer Patrick Norguet has carefully developed a seating solution that has a perfect balance of comfortable and sculptural qualities.

ECHO Buffet and CHRISTINE Mirror

The Echo Base Buffet from Fiam Italia is a masterclass in glass craftsmanship. The stylish design, consisting of intricate diamond patterns, proudly showcases the sideboard as an extremely stylish and expertly crafted piece of modern furniture. However, undecorated glass surfaces are also available for those looking for a less striking look. The glass structure allows the interior compartments to be easily seen. It is spacious enough to store and display all kinds of personal items, including books, decor and fine china. The Echo Base Sideboard is part of Fiam Italia's iconic Echo collection, designed by Marcel Wanders and manufactured in Italy.

Christine Mirror creates an immersive and magical effect with its dimensional façade and perception of materials different from the ones used. Its asymmetrical shape creates a unique focal point in any contemporary style home. This artwork features contrasting textures that stand out against each other. The mirror can be hung in countless ways for versatile options. Helidon was designed by Xhixha and Dante Benini for Fiam.


An ancient, ancestral material composed of silicon and carbonates, produced by the earth that became like the sky over the centuries.

Fusion is a heat treatment in which the glass sheet is deformed by gravity. During this process, the fusion master intervenes and helps the glass take the desired shape. It gives the finished product, so to speak, that uniqueness that distinguishes it from a purely industrial object.


An innovative patent to break the boundaries of industrial glass.
DV-GLASS® was born in 2018 from the desire to achieve glass thicknesses never seen before in the furniture world and the need to reinvent a versatile material that fully embraces the concepts of circular economy and environmental sustainability by optimizing all stages of the production process from supply to consumption.

The idea is to split the glass sheet (also obtained from the recovery of various sheet residues) into many small strips of glass. By placing these strips of different thicknesses and heights side by side by skilled hands, various color combinations, logical or completely random, can be created.

This is how DV-GLASS® is born; It is a glass that stands out from all other glass sheets on the market thanks to its large thickness (up to 30 mm), large size and the endless color combinations that can be achieved.


The perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship.
Glass sheet bending is a process that differentiates Fiam worldwide.

Using complex mobile molds and a state-of-the-art blast furnace, we manage to transform a sheet of glass into a three-dimensional shape, effectively maintaining the glass's equilibrium conditions between the solid and liquid state in never-repeated situations.


The silvering process consists of depositing metallic silver in liquid form onto the surface of a glass sheet to form a mirror, which is a glass that can reflect light rays striking its surface.

This process, based mainly on chemical reactions, also requires strict control of all parameters that determine the final quality, as they are strongly affected by atmospheric conditions.

Although characterized by a high technological component, the experience and precision of the silver plating master are essential for the success of this process.

Sculpture is one of the most fascinating moments of the production process, where craftsmanship finds its most magnificent expression!

The master sculptor makes movements on a specially equipped table that bring him closer to the artist in terms of the precision required by the process and the result. Piece by piece, he selects the most suitable piece of glass, draws the shape it should take, and finally sculpts it using a special 'tool' in an almost rhythmic movement: piece by piece, the skill of the master sculptor is revealed and one can witness the meeting of creativity and dexterity.

Fiam is not just about glass. Products of very different complexity are produced every day: from the pure, solid curved glass table to the display case full of components made from complex and different materials.


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