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Carrara Sofa

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Made in Italy: Designer ~ Matteo Nunziati

Fixed Carrara sofa with multi-layered wood interior. It has memory seat cushion filling. The back cushion filling made of goose and duck feathers offers high comfort in the session. The design idea for the sofa comes to mind after a visit to the marble quarries in Carrara. Large marble walls created beautiful three-dimensional patterns of geometric joints. These suggestions guided the formal work of the sofa, such as the interlocking detail between the seat, armrest and backrest. It is a design rich in meticulous geometries but precious details.

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Material: Fabric and Leather
Color: Gray
Size: Height 85cm x Width: 240cm x Depth 110cm
Usage Area: Indoor
Place of Manufacture: Italy
Official Distributor: Sihir Furniture


Clean the product with a soft damp cloth, preferably dipped in soap or neutral liquid detergents diluted with water. Strictly avoid using ethyl alcohol or detergents containing even small amounts of acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).


A daring combination of boundless imagination and immense technological prowess, Fiam Italia, founded in 1973, is a global icon for its innovative use of glass to create sculptures that are as functional as they are beautiful. Fiam Italia is famous for curved glass objects including designer mirrors and modern coffee tables.


Matteo Nunziati

Matteo Nunziati, an established Italian architect and designer, created several curved glass furniture pieces for FIAM: Varesina Tavolo, Varesina Madia and Quadra coffee table. Nunziati works in the fields of interior architecture and design and collaborates with large companies through the studio he founded in Milan in 2000.


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