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Breathe the Character of the Design

Defining modern space is a challenge every designer faces. In order to adapt and add character to a living space that lacks it, it is necessary to have 'the eye', as the saying goes. So how can we combine the so-called eye with the right products?

color combination

Whether in a classic or modern style, color is the basis of any space, just as it is necessary to add solemnity to a piece of furniture. In this apartment, you breathe character even with a few pieces. Brass details spread throughout the living spaces create a unique charm between the industrial but stylish atmosphere that dominates the rooms and the bronze-colored roofs that can be seen from every room through large windows.

Walls clad in black stone panels contrast with the bronze reflections of the roofs outside, while the almost white parquet floor adds substance to the dynamic design, evoking earthy atmospheres.

But it is the blue color that deserves an official presentation. Auto-Reverse by Giuseppe Viganò steals the show. As you stand bold and proud in this luxury apartment, the surrounding streets are buzzing with activity. Standing side by side with the modern and sometimes brutal hardness of stone and metal, the velvet sofa adds softness to the space, making it cozy and comfortable. There is a sharp contrast with the color on the back; The cream color that allows the floor and walls to blend into the structure emphasizes the blue even more in this luxurious context.

Modern design is governed by unwritten rules; While these rules make a space unique and magnificent, they also turn into fluid interpretations that reveal personal touches.

Floor-to-ceiling windows fill the rooms of this apartment with light, including the bedroom, where we find the leitmotif of the design: the bronze reflections from the outside, the brass color of the ceiling lamps and the details on the panels, the black on the walls and the almost white wood of the parquet flooring. The theme seen in the living area downstairs continues, again emphasized by the choice of furniture.

Auto-Reverse Dream perfectly captures the essence of this theme: minimalist construction, handmade materials, double-faced cushions and endless opportunities to create a unique piece by choosing from different stitches, zippers, colors and materials, best served by placing the bed right in the middle of the room is expressed. The contrast seen downstairs between blue and in this case purple organicises and enriches the already well-defined theme.

When we consider all aspects of the apartment, what distinguishes it from other modern interpretations? Colors? The venue? Elegant touches of brass, black and even white? What defines it is the lightness of space. It is about choosing the right objects and materials that can combine all the elements in the best possible way. It's a task that Auto-Reverse performs perfectly.


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