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GEEN-A: Kartell'in İlk Okuma Lambası

GEEN-A: Kartell's First Reading Lamp


Geen-a is Kartell's first reading lamp, completing the brand's lighting range with a product designed for a specific purpose. Simple lines hide the perception of a real attitude, while its simple shape, devoid of flashy technical features, has a familiar yet intriguing effect. This product consists of a base, a lampshade, three LED bulbs, a body and a handle for easy carrying, while it is available in three matte finish colors: white, black and brick colour. It's a simple design, just like reading is one of life's simple pleasures.

“Why Geen-a? There were many reasons why I designed this lamp, but it is possible to summarize them all under the simple title of "reading pleasure". Geen-a was the name they gave to my mother, Giacomina, who I remember always reading carefully with a book in her hand. This product is a small tribute to him and a tribute to the one pleasure that technology can never replace. The feeling of touching the paper, the smell of the pages, the curiosity triggered by the cover, the unique ability of books to tear us away from reality and transport us to fantastic worlds and events, using only our brains..."
Ferruccio Laviani


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