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Arketipo Firenze - AUTO-REVERSE – Her Zaman Yeni - Her Zaman Senin

Arketipo Firenze - AUTO-REVERSE – Always New - Always Yours

Arketipo once again shows great talent in interpreting the trends of the moment, introducing a new element with asymmetrical lines and a contemporary cut to make Auto-reverse more current and increasingly “Auto-reverse”.

The new unit can be used in composition as shown in the pictures or can stand alone like a comfortable lounge chair.

Auto Reverse evokes one of the most primitive yet powerful emotions: joy. It is an innovative concept designed by Giuseppe Viganò: turning fashion into a furniture product. In fact, Auto-Reverse is more than just an elegant piece of furniture, as it allows you to play with shape and style, personalizing the spaces we live in.

Inspired by the concepts of connection and functionality, this sofa expertly interprets them. The cushions are made with a zipper on each side that allows you to play with different material combinations. Infinite possible combinations play with the senses, providing discreet elegance. Fearless is an idea, an Arketipo idea.

The photographic composition was created in shades of blue – the Pantone 2020 color – by combining two fabrics selected from the new collections.


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