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Khan Black Pendant Lighting


Made in Italy: Designer ~ Philippe Starck

Many different styles, from 18th-century eclecticism to contemporary minimalism, come together in Philippe Starck's KHAN chandelier to create a new icon of elegance and modernity. The symbolism of the design is complemented by the technological innovation of Kartell's new polycarbonate 2.0 in black, champagne and transparent colors.


Material: Polycarbonate Discrete Painting from 2.0 Renewable Raw Material
Color: Black
Size: Height: 61cm x Width: 77cm x Depth: 9 cm x Hanger Height: 71 ÷ 220
Weight: 6Kg
Usage Area: Indoor
Place of Production: Italy
Official Distributor: Sihir Furniture


Clean the product with a soft damp cloth, preferably dipped in soap or neutral liquid detergents diluted with water. Strictly avoid using ethyl alcohol or detergents containing even small amounts of acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).

BRAND: Kartell

Kartell is characterized by the industrial production of high-quality design objects with a remarkable technological content and produced in Italy. From the selection of innovative and certified materials to the use of the latest technologies, Kartell has guaranteed its users a collection with technology, quality, strength and long-lasting DNA. A high degree of control of the production process supports recyclable production and minimizes waste.


Philippe Starck

"Candlelight was the most beautiful, the most natural, we can say the first beacon of our civilization. Even now it is. It is a pity that modernity does not like candles. With Goodnight, Kartell is rediscovering the purity of this iconic light to keep our dreams warm."

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