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Kartell Smart Wood

Kartell Smart Wood

New Family

Wood; – excellent sustainable material –
It continues to provide Kartell with the creative spark and inspiration it needs to produce original new pieces to add to the Habitat collection. The collection is now expanding into areas such as Office and Home Office.

Philippe Starck's Smart Wood collection; It is supported by new pieces that offer new functions, volumes and styles, with details such as high performance and the use of environmentally friendly fabrics in some of the seating areas. Still, the brand's distinctive design spirit - the ceremony of curves and three-dimensional elements - is as strong as the day it was first released.

“Smart Wood home office collection is the result of a long process. I have been looking for home office furniture that gives a warm feeling for years, and when we look at the Smart Wood collection, everything is perfect. The collection isn't just made of wood... it's discreet, versatile and efficient enough to be used as office furniture. Nowadays, working from home is more of a necessity than a choice. Times may change, but many people will continue to work from home for two reasons: first, home is where we are happiest, and second, because it increases creativity and enables clearer thinking and greater productivity.”
P. Starck

ADAM WOOD bookcase, AL WOOD side table, EARL OF WOOD desk and new versions of the Q/WOOD and P/WOOD armchairs, now on wheels, join the range of products by increasing the number of wooden pieces available. Wood is a material that Kartell processes in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards, using the latest technology to guarantee maximum durability and long life. Kartell uses the least possible amount of wood, all from FSC® certified forests, which allows us to guarantee the origin of raw materials and contribute to the correct use of our forest resources.

ADAM WOOD is Kartell's first real bookcase for living spaces. The shapes of its curved wood shelves and 3D painted steel frame were optimized by CAD systems to reduce material and energy use while creating an extremely elegant and sturdy structure. This super lightweight bookshelf can be purchased and assembled in no time. Adam Wood is a furniture item that can give a room a whole new personality thanks to its unique modularity. Bookcases can be placed side by side to increase storage capacity, and shelves can be installed at different heights to create unique, personalized looks. Adam Wood is available in dark wood with black frame or black wood with black frame.

“I created an Adam Wood bookcase to complete my Smart Wood collection. I wanted to offer a bookshelf to complete the series for people who already have products from the collection in their living rooms or home offices. I've been dreaming of a super light and easily removable bookshelf for a long time. It had to resemble a spider in some ways and rely on a smart frame rather than thick material. Adam Wood uses a computer-calculated, minimal, three-dimensional steel rod. And my obsession with consuming as little material and energy as possible has led to an extremely elegant design. When we achieve something minimal, we can be assured of incredible strength and durability. Today, my Wood collection is much more complete and perfect.”
P. Starck

EARL OF WOOD is a new and simple desk with a curved wooden surface that offers a perfect solution to the Office and Habitat worlds thanks to its numerous different functions. The top and bottom edges of the table are curved, providing maximum practicality. The top edge features a central cutout that serves as a stylistic feature while making it easy to match with other pieces. Available with light wood top and chrome construction or dark wood top and black construction.

“An ergonomic, curved table to harmonize with the body and dreams.”
P. Starck

AL WOOD is a side table that complements the Smart Wood collection. It has a curved wooden top along with a structure made of chrome-plated or painted steel. A practical, useful piece, Al Wood adds an elegant look to any room. Available with light wood top and chrome construction or dark wood top and black and chrome construction.

"An elegantly minimal, modest and indispensable servant in curved wood."
P. Starck

Q/WOOD - P/WOOD (swivel seat)
These brand new swivel chairs with wheels are the newest addition to the chair collection. Both armchairs feature unique wood finishing, combining eternal elegance with contemporary forms, and are available in three color options: light wood with white seat and chrome structure, dark wood with black seat and chrome structure, or dark wood with black seat and black structure.

This seat, which won the Red Dot 2020 award, has the innovative and environmentally friendly Aquaclean® fabric, which can be cleaned even with just water and does not contain PFCs that pollute the environment and are harmful to our health. The structure of the chair was designed to make cleaning easier, increase strength and reduce the risk of accidental tearing. It has also undergone the Safe Front treatment, which prevents the spread of bacteria and dust mites.

“Finally a home office collection perfect for working at home; natural, light, ergonomic.”
P. Starck

“I have spent my life trying to create objects that are as smart as possible, use minimal materials and energy, and ideally are timeless. I've achieved this in the past using plastic. Today, I continue the same work with ecoplastics that do not harm the food cycle. These are the materials of the future, perhaps the perfect choice. When I designed furniture using plastic, as a nature lover I wanted to work with wood instead. But I didn't want to cut down trees either, so I couldn't create large objects from solid wood. Like Charles Eames before me, I thought plywood was the ideal solution to this problem, but plywood was flat and lacked potential in flat, square furniture. Plywood has never interested me because the design possibilities are very limited. It's been a long road, but progress in design and manufacturing has finally made it possible to create sculpted wood furniture like I used to envision in plastic. This is how the Smart Wood collection started. And I am very happy about it, because it is a project that took many years and was completed in small steps. Smart Wood is now the right collection at the right time. It helped me meet my need for nature.”
P. Starck


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