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Vinyl Murano Glass Coffee Table

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Made in Italy: Designer ~ Oriano Favaretto

Vinyl coffee table drawn by famous Italian well-known designer Oriano Favaretto . The top table, which is handmade murano glass, has been formed with the techniques used in ancient times and each coffee table is another masterpiece. It reflects the incoming light with different tones to almost every part of the room. The combination of the highest quality materials adds longevity to the coffee table. Petrol color


Material: Murano Glass
Height: 36cm x Diameter: ø50cm
Height: 46cm x Diameter: ø50cm
Height: 36cm x Diameter: ø70cm
Height: 46cm x Diameter: ø70cm
Usage Area: Indoor
Place of Manufacture: Italy
Official Distributor: Sihir Furniture


Clean the product with a soft damp cloth, preferably dipped in soap or neutral liquid detergents diluted with water. Strictly avoid using ethyl alcohol or detergents containing even small amounts of acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).

BRAND: Cattelan Italia

It is a high-end Italian brand with a distinctive and unique design collection. It seamlessly combines form and function across its entire range, creating timeless pieces with beautiful finishes.


Oriano Favaretto

Oriano Favaretto was born in 1956 in Silea (Treviso). He attended the "Accademia delle Belle Arti" where he had the opportunity to meet Emilio Vedova, the important teacher of graphic signs. Another important experience was his collaboration with Ennio Chiggio as an intern and collaborator. Among his main professional achievements, we can count the "Lubian 1982" award in the "Italian Academy Competition", as well as his working experience in the field of painting, which he won at the "Bevilacqua La Masa" foundation. Participated in numerous leading international exhibitions, such as the "Eventi" in Milan with Zuccheri and Oira, the traveling fair "I Fiori della Metafora" with Plessi and D'orazio, and the "Murano" award, which Oriano won in 1987 and 1992, and He was selected for the Sacca Fisola mural competition in Venice. In addition, the "Prix d'Excellence" award given to him by Marie Claire magazine, thanks to the "Lampada d'oro" award he won at SIL in Paris in 1993, and the "Polipò", which was selected as the lamp of the year in a short time, are also important. It cooperates with many distinguished companies in the field of industrial design. His works are exhibited in the Glass Museum in Murano and some other private collections.

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