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Sihir, Cattelan İle Yeni Trendleri Anlatıyor

Magic Tells New Trends with Cattelan

Each new product offered is highlighted with decorative details that blend naturally with design to create comfortable environments.

The Lancer family of modern design tables has a sculptural, majestic and unique style.
What makes the Lancer a unique and valuable model is its base, which has a strong architectural value and is enlivened by a striking graphic sign. Four blades cutting through the air and intersecting each other create an energetic composition with a seemingly unrepeatable pattern. Each leg is designed with a T-section, increasing opportunities for crossover and overlap. The entire base is thus reinforced with a rhythmic chiaroscuro effect, in which the blind areas contrast with the metal parts hit by the light.
Not afraid to attract attention, the bold aesthetic extends to a variety of variants. The standard model is made of clear glass and allows you to see the sculptural base in its entirety. In contrast, the Lancer Moonglass model is a modern decorated glass table with a three-dimensional bronze finish that is irregular to the touch, which the designer imagined as a satellite to be explored. Finally, the Lancer Keramik and Lancer Wood versions are respectively a ceramic table model and a model with a precious wood top with finely machined edges.

Design: Renato Guerra

Cattelan Italia's collection sets trends on all fronts of design. Agile yet charming home offices, round glass reflecting the colors of the environment or hammered crystal for an organic effect and new bouclè fabric making every seat even more cozy and comfortable.

A design with curvy lines that hugs the body, supports posture and makes the modern dining room a comfortable environment to feel at home. The Camilla chair is a perfect example of a chair with padded armrests, completing a room with the sophistication and sensuality you want in a residential setting. Horizontal seams on the back of the backrest create three padded protrusions that end evenly and very fluidly in the armrest. At the bottom of the backrest, the deep structure and the connection of the feet emphasize the softness of the enveloping folds. This design armchair is produced in two different versions: Camilla with thin wooden legs and Camilla ML with lighter and more mobile metal legs. Both models strike a perfect balance between a voluminous seat and elegant legs.

Design: Luca Signoretti

Paolo Cattelan designed the Runner table for daily use, focusing on function and comfort. The height of this adjustable desk can be easily changed thanks to an ingenious electronic arm that encourages correct posture for your sitting position and allows for standing use. Although the ergonomic aspect is at the centre, it is impossible to ignore the refined details and finishes that enhance this designer desk made with high-quality materials. The Runner family is available with a ceramic, wood or leather upper, giving life to the Runner Keramik, Runner Wood and Runner Leather models.

RUNNER Keramik
Design: Paolo Cattelan

Crafted by the four hands of Paolo Cattelan and Lorenzo Remedi, the Vivaldi modern sideboard has a unique hypnotic appeal. The covers create a soft play of reflections in which surrounding objects and light sources echo. The front surface of this design sideboard consists of finely processed couture mirrored glass. The glass is shaped using an unprecedented technique that gives the surface a three-dimensional effect, like quilting on fabric.

Design: Lorenzo Remedi - Paolo Cattelan

A collection at the forefront of material processing, aiming to create contemporary and flawless designs.
These new techniques range from the special modeling of the Masterwood top to the processing of couture effect glass, from smoky tones on crystal to new soft and comfortable upholstery.


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