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Arketipo Firenze - Modern Heykelciler - Jupiter'in Doğuşu

Arketipo Firenze - Modern Sculptors - The Birth of Jupiter

We have developed many designs over the years, but none convey the power of design through materials like Jupiter.
The shell making process is unique and makes the seat a true work of art!

Raw fiberglass sheets are cut into pieces, stacked and molded by hand on the mold.

A hardening product is then applied, which is left to dry. Drying time varies depending on humidity and atmospheric conditions.

The shape thus obtained is removed and excess pieces of material are removed, after which the part is placed under vacuum to avoid any air bubbles.

The shell is finally polished.

The special craftsmanship involved in its production means that each shell is slightly different from each other, and each armchair is a unique piece signed by designer Mauro Lipparini.


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