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Design Meets Mixology Art

Design meets the art of cocktail preparation: A collection of professional features that combines functionality with elegance of form to bring your inner bartender to life.

North Tide is a mixing kit created to prepare cocktails at home. Includes stainless steel shaker, ice bucket, cocktail measure, bottle opener and ice tongs. It is now in your hands to taste perfect cocktails and bring the atmosphere of the best international bars to your home.

Made of stainless steel, Lunar Eclipse is a mixing kit inspired by the Lunar universe. They are objects with refined shiny surfaces that emit a brilliant silver shine. Includes an American shaker, a cocktail measure, bar strainer and stirrer.

The 5050 is a reinterpretation of the classic American shaker, an indispensable object among bar service objects: it consists of 2 steel glasses and gives confidence to the fast and agile movement of less experienced mixologists.

The Player is suitable for the preparation of long drinks that will appeal to all tastes. The set includes a pestle/juicer and four stainless steel spoons, along with four large crystal glass tumblers, ideal for enjoying the finest blends.

Inspired by the mollusk of the same name, Bulla is a stainless steel bottle opener designed by Valerio Sommella. It is a practical and compact object that can be easily carried. Stylish and sophisticated, Bulla can be transformed into an elegant pendant to wear as jewelry or to gift to someone.

The Virgula Divina bottle opener recalls in both name and form the enigmatic Y-shaped rod that was the dowser's divinatory tool in his search for hidden treasures. A perfect design that turns into a practical bottle opener.

Marli is a selection of small household items made with a particularly refined metalworking process, and an ironic and detailed exploration of functional objects that play a minor role in household items.


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