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Koltukta Konfor Sanatı

The Art of Comfort on the Sofa

Close your eyes and think about your relaxation space for a moment. Pay attention to every detail. So, what are the objects you use most? And which of these do you immediately associate with the idea of ​​a soul, of identity? Let's guess: you were going to say armchair.

Raise your hand if you haven't noticed that in this particular year when we find ourselves spending more time on a couch or couch than ever before, you're becoming a little more like them day by day. .

By this we don't mean that we physically transform ourselves into an upholstered piece of furniture, we just mean that we convey a little of who we are, the moments spent together, to our trusty lockdown companions.

Light as a Feather

Take Jupiter. Isn't it amazing? From the metal base to the fiberglass shell, from the soft down filling to the upholstery, everything seems to speak of a new era, the age of space and design.
Although it seems impossible, even something as light as a feather manages to give shape and body to a solid geometry that dominates the space with its high backrests and imposing profiles. These are the images of comfort when shaped by a skillful alchemy of creativity and high engineering.

Your Feet in the Clouds

The Anglo-Saxons, the undisputed masters of idioms, have a figurative expression for saying "relax", which makes the idea so good: put your feet up, put your feet up.
Jupiter once again demands our attention, because with the addition of tufts to the flooring, the level of relaxation reaches unimaginable heights. Is it possible that a single element is enough to combat the weight of life?

What is a seat to you? For us, design is a symbol of craftsmanship and engineering. For us, it is uncompromising comfort.


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