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Kartell Gezegeni Seviyor !

Kartell Loves Planet !

Kartell loves the planet is the industrial manifesto by which Kartell aims to highlight its commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness. Kartell's passion for excellence, which has guided its every move from the very beginning, has led the company to focus on environmental responsibility and good sustainability practices.

Kartell product; It is a timeless product produced with great respect for the environment, which, after completing its function, can be considered worthy of occupying museum spaces and joining the assets of collectors. Kartell's purpose is; Our aim is to create value with products that can contribute to creating a cultural project and become valuable memories, rather than simple objects that risk being thrown away when they are no longer used.

All raw materials used by Kartell are fully recyclable and can be made reusable through material processing processes for industrial-use products. Today, as seventy years ago, technological research and development ensures that the company continues to find materials that are renewable and do not have a negative impact on the environment. All packaging materials used in Kartell products are also 100% recyclable .

The entire production process supply chain sees Kartell committed to protecting the environment and adhering to sustainability protocols. Kartell continues to write the story of its products every day with all its heart, thanks to its partnerships and investments in materials, creative solutions and technological developments created from environmentally friendly materials that always perform better.

“The new green awareness brings new challenges for companies,” says Kartell Chairman Claudio Luti. “It is not just a matter of creating a product that looks green, but of creating an industrial strategy that includes the entire production process, from business plan and marketing to communication actions and sales network. “Today we have to talk about the sustainable quality of products and the sustainable production process that guarantees consumer health-friendly products at the same time.”

Kartell's commitment to implementing and continuously improving its environmental management system is guaranteed by its adherence to international certification protocols, and in particular for health protection, the company holds GREENGUARD certification for all its products, which guarantees low emission levels and therefore ensures indoor air quality safety.


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