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Kapalı Bir Yaşam Alanı Kadar Davetkar Bir Açık Alan

An Outdoor Space As Inviting as an Indoor Living Space

The outdoors is increasingly perceived as an environment with its own personality. It becomes more intimate and full of details, perfectly interpreted to express our most unique desires, such as living in touch with nature, breaking away from daily life, finding ourselves.
Living in your new home without walls, where you can feel free outdoors and breathe some fresh air, is now more possible than ever, just make the right furniture choices.
Here are four environments that interpret different ways to spend time outdoors, where you can find inspiration for designing inviting outdoor spaces.

All Together at the Table

Which meal do you prefer to eat out: breakfast, lunch or dinner?
An elegant table with a diagonal mid-base and an elliptical top, such as the System Star , and armchairs with woven backs and comfortable cushions, such as the Noss armchairs, are the perfect solution for those with a beautiful veranda.

Your Own Private Space

The ingredients you need to forget about the worries of daily life and enjoy the outdoors are: a novel, a drink, a sofa where you can sit to read or relax when sleepy, such as the Emma Cross sofa, and an adjustable sunshade if the sun's rays are too strong.
Guaranteed relief.

Resting together

Dinner is almost ready. While you wait for the guests to arrive, you can sit on the sofas and have a nice toast. The lowered seat, soft padding and soft cushions will immediately relax guests, immersing them in pleasant conviviality. The Belt modular sofa collection allows you to create endless compositions to suit any space, with the possibility of integrating a sofa module to give an added touch of comfort, and with the addition of several Plinto tables at strategic points, there is always a shelf for glasses and snacks.

At the poolside

For many people, the outdoors means one thing: sunshine.
In order to feel good, our body needs to be nourished by sunlight every day and somehow protect itself during the hottest hours. That's why a sun lounger should never be missing in every outdoor area. If they are lightweight and easy to use, like the Bahia sun loungers, you can easily move them to direct the direction of the sun's rays and provide a perfect tan. Made from aluminum and VAR#TEX, a special Varaschin patented PVC technical fabric, these fabrics are highly resistant to UV rays and waterproof, so they're perfect for welcoming you after a dip in the pool.


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