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Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the right color has always been an art form, subtle but important. From Renaissance masters to today's designers, the color palette we choose can affect every aspect of a room and the furniture we want to furnish it with.

Color is the element that allows us to define the character of an environment or to make it stand out with its originality. Color is important, as is choosing the right makeup to accentuate the eyes or accentuate the cheeks, or a pocket handkerchief to match the dress.

Small doses of pink can give any room an appealing touch. Combined with gray and blue tones, it creates a beautiful accent.

As in designer Frida Ramstedt 's famous line, “ Some people love white, gray and neutral colors because they are feel-good colors. On the other hand, there are those who choose to be on the safe side when they cannot decide on an alternative. "

In this context, Smooth Operator proudly presents a room that plays on the contrasts between neutral tones and materials. The gray marble floor, dark chocolate walls and golden metal elements create a color palette that reveals glamor, but it does so carefully.

Blue and brown are must-haves for many designers. They are excellent for creating contrast, they know how to give the right emphasis and emotional note, while also creating movement and stability.

Combining shades of gray, black, cream and brown here, the elegant palette perfectly highlights how earthy tones can harmonize with a modern space. Had any other color been chosen, Starman would have looked inappropriate in such an environment. The result is an irresistible, warm and inviting environment thanks to the contrast between neutral tones, the designer's favorite color and dove gray accents.

Auto-Reverse is available in many variations, but all have a strong visual impact. Therefore, it is ideal when you do not want to choose a neutral palette. The blue and cream color of its delicate structure and cushions make this sofa an element that can adapt to any environment. It is housed in an installation that features shades of brown, dove grey, variegated marble and yellow.

The preferred color for the Freedom armchair is blue, while the focal point for the sofa is dove gray. Along with the warm tones of wood and the harsh textures of marble and concrete, blue expresses its essence, namely its ability to give such an elegant and modern room a sense of softness and movement.

What if we wanted to import the colors of the outside world? Desert-like rust and turquoise will initially be shadows. To create an even more authentic feel, the starting point should be a combination of different materials, including copper, or natural textures and patterns, such as wood and stone.

In this wonderful setting, rust and turquoise meet in a combination of selected different materials. The French windows carry the yellow-gold brown we easily associate with rust, while the Ego sofa is beautifully finished with a subtle turquoise hue that contrasts with the gray floor, piano black and even the purple rug. A chromatic ensemble that manages to keep the atmosphere warm while leaving room for a minimalist color vision.

Understanding this color palette means understanding the textures and materials that allow it to blend better with the world we live in. Exactly Starman knows how to do it in this staging. It's neither rusty nor turquoise, but the materials surrounding it are subtly so. Take a look at Jupiter's golden structure, the geometric rust pattern of the floor, and even the touches of blue on the marble of the coffee table.

The palette comes to life with just a few elements, which at first glance seems like a compliment to cream and gray.

Color is important, but you need to know how to choose and use it. Otherwise it would be like just having an object to admire instead of a vision. Choosing a setting's colors with care and wisdom is key to letting your style and tastes express themselves.


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