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A.I: Yapay Zeka Tarafından Yaratılan İlk Sandalye

AI: The First Chair Created by Artificial Intelligence


AI New Eco-Friendly Chair

The Single Chair Made from Artificial Intelligence Recycled Material

Kartell takes another step forward in its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and continues on its path with the industrial manifesto “Kartell loves the planet”. AI is the company's new chair made with recycled material for the first time, adopting a process that helps clean the environment by reusing industrial scraps, converting them into raw materials and thus activating the circular economy system.

AI is made from recycled thermoplastic technopolymer derived from pure scrap material that has been set aside and not contaminated with other materials. This choice is determined by the possibility of using scrap materials, which has only now emerged thanks to technology, guaranteeing the aesthetic quality and structural requirements of the product and reducing the emissions necessary for its production.

Thanks to the collaboration of Kartell, Philippe Starck and Autodesk, a leading American company in the production of 3D engineering and entertainment software, a new generation chair designed by combining human and artificial intelligence has been created from 100% recycled material. Today, as seventy years ago, technological research and development enables Kartell to continue to identify new design solutions using materials that are renewable and do not have a negative impact on the environment.

The added value of AI lies in the fact that it is the first design chair designed by Artificial Intelligence in response to input from the designer (Philippe Starck) and the company's know-how (Kartell). Specifically, creative thinking, company knowledge and artificial intelligence combined to develop a chair model based on an algorithm that respects the original values ​​of the designer and the company . The result is a comfortable chair with the necessary structural strength and rigidity while maintaining Kartell's purpose and value of delivering an injection-moulded industrial product of exceptional aesthetic quality.

Artificial intelligence does not replace the creative touch of the designer, which has always been an absolute necessity for company procedures for the production of projects and patterns, but it helps speed up prototyping and planning processes and shortens time to market. The designer's knowledge and creativity are indispensable, and creative design enhances this by providing solutions that allow the designer to do more with less materials, avoid waste and ultimately respect the environment.

“Every year Kartell discovers new technologies and new materials, setting increasingly ambitious targets not only at the industrial level, but also in terms of compliance with sustainability protocols,” says Claudio Luti, Chairman of the Board of Kartell. “We wanted to be the first in the furniture industry to use this new technology, which allows us to combine productive design, industrial technology and respect for the environment, creating new generation, environmentally friendly products without compromising aesthetic quality and performance, by significantly shortening the time to market.”


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