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Capitonné – Nasıl Yaşamak İstediğinizin Seçimi

Capitonné – Choosing How You Want to Live

If we asked you to create an image that represented a Dickens novel or a Sherlock Holmes investigation without the need for words, which would you choose? What shapes, textures and colors come to your imagination?

Forget for a moment the gloomy haze that fills the Victorian streets and focus on the interiors. To the English living rooms of yesteryear.

Originality. The rooms revolved around accent elements necessary to capture guests' attention. The rooms are designed to enhance details, patterns and textures. Design was a way to explain to others who we wanted to be, our sense of belonging to something.

Among these style notes, definitely not to be missed is the capitonné, a production so special that it doesn't even need an introduction. The dictionary defines it as “A furniture padding made by quilting the surface with a series of buttons or simple stitches forming a geometric design.”

The Windsor is the modern-day standard bearer of the capitonné, a comfortable sofa among the decoupage decorations of other times, in both minimal settings and grandeur, in both 19th-century parlors and today's living spaces. In an apartment in Vienna or a princely villa in Belgravia, the capitonné's unique personality runs through the seams.

With Windsor, we wanted to distill the essence of the past and incorporate it into our vision of the present. We like to describe it

"A modern masterpiece that balances understated British sophistication with new-age form and structure."

Handcrafted, expertly shaped, a manifestation of contemporary elegance. A tribute to a style that is satisfied only with the best.

These principles give life to the entire range of exclusive furniture bearing this name. The Windsor Dream, for example, is a bed that is not inclined to compromise, especially when it comes to a distinctive technique such as capitonné.

"It doesn't matter where we live. It matters how we live."


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